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why choose digitalriff? We're good listeners.

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digitalriff? Riffs are repeated connections in jazz and blues improvisation. They bridge the gap between parts of a song, and drive home the connection between the musician and the listener. digitalriff is a web company with the same philosophy -- improvisation in a fluid structure (the web), helping you (the musician) make connections to your audience (the listener). Our part is to listen to you, hear your song, and help you get it out to a whole new audience. We offer a variety of services, including:

  • web design
  • hosting
  • content creation
  • blogging, forums, and content management
  • email lists
  • calendars
  • flash music players

imgLeft example There's a sweet spot in music, where musicians tap into whatever it is that allows them to transcend the moment and truly communicate with their audience. Something magical happens. It's a result of hard work, practice, and discipline. But there's also a serendipitous something that can happen. That's what we aim for in our web design.

what's next? Take a look around. If you think we can help you, drop us an email, and let's talk. We know that every client has different needs, and that's how we approach it. We listen to you and try to reflect back what we hear you saying. We take care to craft the site that best says what you want to say. So you can make those connections.

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